Next Pickleball Project

The demand for pickleball by the residents of Lake County has grown exponentially. Since January 2022 when the pickleball courts in Kelseyville first opened over 80 people from all over the County are now playing. In January the Lincoln Street facility had only two courts. However, due to the significant demand two more courts were added in May. The demand continues to grow. As a result the Association in coordination with the Kelseyville Unified School District is proposing to add two more courts.

When first opened the courts were only used on Wednesday and Friday mornings. Since them the use has expanded to every day of the week except Saturday. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday play is in the morning. Tuesday and Thursday play is in the evening when daylight permits.

The installation of the first two courts was financially supported by a donation of $600 by the School District. The addition of the second two courts in May was made possible due to the donation of $2,500 by Lake County Tribal Health.

The two new courts are proposed to be added on the east side of the existing courts. This area is in a severely deteriorated condition. See picture below.

Due to this conditions the existing asphalt surface must be completely removed and replace with new. As a result the cost of completing work will be significantly higher then the other two projects.

The proposed project will include: removing all of the existing asphalt and replacing with new asphalt. This work will be completed by the School District. After the new asphalt is placed the Association will apply the color coat and strip the two new pickleball courts. In addition popups will be purchase to provide for shade and a new storage shed will be purchase to store the equipment. The estimate costs for the project is $80,000.

Fundraising for the project has begun. Lake County Tribal Health has pledge $10,000 towards the project and the School District has indicated they will also contribute. In the near future we will be soliciting other businesses, other charitable organizations and other health care organizations for donations. We are also hoping to obtain funding from government organizations.

If the fundraising goes well, it is hoped that construction of the project could be completed in the Spring 2023. Once the project is completed we hope to hold tournaments and expand the use of the facility to the County high schools.

If anyone has questions or would like to donate you can contact us via email at or by calling the Association helpline (707) 289-4755.