New Pickleball Courts

The two new pickleball courts are now completed. This brings the total to four. Thanks needs to be given to the great volunteer team that made this project a big suggest.:

Pouring on the mixture

The first phase of the project involved removing the vegetation from the cracks. This was followed by the crack filling process. The cracks were coated with a glue-like primer follow by the application of a liquidy mixture of sand, cement, primer and water. This mixture was poured into the cracks and the troweled off to a level surface

This was followed by the application of the a simular but dryer sand-cement mixture as a preliminary leveling course. The low point where delineated with a yellow paint, the glue-like primary was then rolled over the identified areas and then the mixture troweled over these areas.

Rolling on primer
Applying mixture
Mixing the mixture

The 3rd phase was the most difficult and time consuming. First the glue-like primer was rolled over the entire surface. This was followed by the application of the sand-cement mixture using a long screed over the entire surface. After letting the mixture dry for several days additional primer and mixture was applied onto several locations that were not as smooth as needed.

Applying primer
Applying Primer
Screeding mixture

The 4th phase involved the application of the green color coat. The area to receive the color coat was first tape off so that a neat edge would be produced after the coat was applied. The color coat was applied using a 3 feet wide rubber squeegee.

Applying color coat over main area
Applying color coat along edge

The last phase was stripping the courts. Yellow line paint was use. Tape was applied along each edge of the all of the lines and then the paint was rolled on.

Applying the tape

At the end of the project the Lake County Tennis and Pickleball Center now has four pickleball courts. When the courts are used portable nets are put up. They are removed so that the area can still be used by the High School tennis team for practice if needed.

Again, I want to thank all of the volunteers that made this project happen. They work very hard and long.

Michael Shay, President