First Annual Team Tennis Challenge

Play Ball! Tennis Ball That Is!

On Thursday, March 25, 2021, the Kelseyville High Tennis Team squared off with the Lake County Tennis Association Old Stars.  The young high school tennis players were lined up to meet their much older competitors.  This would be their first exhibition game before their season would begin, with their first game on­ April 20, 2021 against Cloverdale, and with the team’s first home game on April 23, 2021.  As the Kelseyville High team sized up their competition they must have been thinking to themselves there is not one player on the Oldstars under 40!  The Old Stars team sized up the Kelseyville High team and thought to themselves we have our work cut out for us!

Never fear!  After nerves calmed down and introductions were completed the players walked onto the courts cool as cucumbers.  One watching would have thought both teams had practiced, or had maybe played this game before?  Such Fun!  Everyone played great tennis, and I can tell you that the Oldstars gave the Kelseyville High Tennis Team a run for their money.  The young people played each match with good skill and great ball placement, and the Oldstars responded stroke for stroke.  I can say all who attended family, friends, and tennis lovers had a wonderful late afternoon of watching some very good tennis. 

Of course none of this would have been so enjoyable without the great tennis being played by  both teams

Great job all!  And let’s not forget the coaches, Iris Angeleri and Andy Dobusch.  They give so freely of their time and talents to shape and make this an outstanding tennis team.  The High School Tennis Team will have a wonderful season under their direction. 

Way to hang in there Oldstars! Playing against those young high school students was a great way to show that you really are as young as you feel.  Tennis anyone?

The players and results of the five matches where:

             Kelseyville High School Knights               Lake County Tennis Association Oldstars

1st Singles:         Johnny Rixen                                                Laurie Martin Vargas (w)

2nd Single:          LaRue Furlani*                                            Dennis Fay/Roger Duke** (w)

3rd Single:          LaRue Furlani*(w)                                          David Velasquez

1st Doubles:       Hanna Scully & Rylan Lipscomb (w)     Madeline Murphy & Chris Welch

2nd Doubles:     Maddie Madrykz & Sam Carter                  Jo Fay & Sandy Orwig (w)

* 3rd Singles player was unable to play therefore, LaRue played in two singles positions

** Dennis and Roger each played one set

(w) indicates winner

By Kim Shay