2022 Team Challenge Rematch

On May 13th the Kelseyville High School Knight’s challenged the Lake County Tennis Association Oldstars to a rematch. Before the event started Coach Andy presented awards to all of the High School players. Everyone enjoyed Andy’s insight and humor in the type of award each player received.

Once the match start everyone got down to business. The singles players started the match and each of the players played tough. At the end of the singles matches the Oldstars took a commanding lead winning all three.

The two doubles teams followed and the Knight’s made a strong come back winning both matches. The final tally was Oldstars 3 – Knights 2. Everyone had a great time.

Next years we hope to continue with this new rivalry. Thanks need to be given to Coach Andy for all of his effort with the student athletics. The players not only perform with enthusiasm, skill and sportsmanship on the court but also perform great in the classroom. For all of senior the Lake County Tennis Association Board and all of our members wish you a great future.